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Vida De Cafe

Vida De CafeAddress:
120 - 8 Avenue St.
Pete Beach Florida, 33706

Contact Details:
Phone: 727-289-7164 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact us about catering, takeout orders, and teaching at:

Only a short five-minute stroll from "Inn On The Beach", no car required; the Vida De Cafe will provide you with a gourmet dining experience in a casual inviting environment. They are the first vegan restaurant to be located on the beach, so make sure you come in for dinner and a stroll on the beach. Vida De Cafe is also proud to be a restaurant that is environmentally friendly.


Our hours of operation are: Monday 9am - 7pm Tuesday Closed Wednesday 9am - 7pm Thursday 9am - 7pm Friday 9am - 9pm Saturday 9am - 9pm Sunday 9am - 6pm

Fresh SoupsDaily

Barley Chili A mixture of sprouted barley, fresh roma and sun dried tomatoes, corn, red onion, red pepper and spices with a little sweetness. Served with sour kream and onion bread. $8.00

Mini Meals

Green Papaya Salad Julienned green papaya, shredded carrot, red cabbage, pepper and onion with a spicy tamarind sauce.  $6.50 

Red Pepper Hummus Soaked almonds mixed with ground sesame seeds, fresh red pepper and spices served with onion chips. $7.00 

Mini Tacos Taco meat made from almonds and walnuts served on crips romaine topped with cilantro cashew cheese, pico de gallo and sliced avocado. $7.00

Green Meals

Apple and Avocodo Salad Mixed greens served with gala apples, sliced avocado and onion crisps with homemade balsamic dressing. $9.00 full dish $3.50 side dish 

Ceasar Salad Crisp romaine dressed with a pine nut ceasar dressing topped with garlic croutons, bacon bits and parmesan. $10.00 full dish $4.00 side dish 

Vida De Salad A mixture of romaine and mixed greens with sprouted lentils, fresh corn, pico de gallo served with chipotle ranch dressing. $8.50

Big Meals

Sushi with Ginger Pate Raw nori filled with a ginger almond pate stuffed with spinach, carrots and avocado with an umeboshi chili dipping sauce. $14.00 

Coconut Pad Thai Coconut meat with zucchini noodles and carrots, red cabbage, red pepper and green onion with a spicy, nutty sauce. $15.00 

Sicilian Lasagna Layers of tomato sauce, ricotta nut cheese, mushrooms and olives, layered with zucchini and eggplant noodles topped with parmesan cheese and more olives. $15.00 

Spinach Gnocchi Gnocchi made from jicama and cashews with fresh spinach folded in, then dehydrated served on a bed of creamy mushroom sauce and topped with wilted spinach. $15.00 

Crab Cakes Porcini mushrooms, zucchini and cashews make up the base of these delicious cakes. Tossed with a mixture of spices and seasoning make up the crab of the cakes. Served with a dill tarter sauce and a jicama coleslaw. $17.50


Rainbow Ice Kream Cake Strawberry, banana and chocolate ice kream made from bananas layered on top of a fudge crust. $7.00 

Chocolate Parfait Layers of chocolate sauce, coconut lemon cream with pecan crisps, topped with fresh fruit. $9.00 

Fudge Brownie and Choco Chip Ice-Cream Delicious warm fudge brownie covered in chocolate sauce, topped with a scoop of chocolate chip ice kream made from cashews and coconut. $9.00 

Truffle Platter (Dessert for 2 or more) Coconut truffles, chocolate goji truffle and chocolate covered dates stuffed with coconut. $12.00


Juices Lemonade Organic gala apples and lemons $6.00 

Carrot Ginger Hammer Organic carrots, ginger and apples $4.50 

Ultimate Green Organic spinach, parsley, ginger, lemons and apples. $7.00 

Wheatgrass 1 oz $3.00 2 oz $5.00    Smoothies Green Horchata Warmth of cinnamon and cayenee with handfuls of spinach. $6.00 

Chocolate Banana Raw cacao and sweet banana makes this just as good as dessert. $6.00 

Strawberry Orange and Banana Fresh unpasteurized orange juice with strawberries and bananas. $6.00 

Mango Lots and lots of mango $6.00   

Coffee and Warm Drinks Original Teeccino Café Blend of roots and herbs, tastes just like coffe without the caffeine and good for you. $3.00 

Mocha Mixture of original teecino and our own chocolate milk. $3.50 

Hot Cocoa Very chocolately warm drink made with organic cacao. $3.00 

Hot Teas Are coming soon.

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